Yoga House Chicago

Michelle Skinner

Michelle's yoga practice is rooted in a strong foundation of body awareness, alignment, and fluidity of movement for all bodies. "I believe that yoga is for everyone and should be accessible to all. We all possess powerful and beautiful abilities. Yoga can enhance our frame of mind and bring to our attention a capacity that we may not even be conscious of." As a former professional dancer, Michelle began studying yoga for its physical benefits, such as enhancing flexibility, strength and balance. Although she admits she didn't have an immediate spiritual awakening, through continuous practice, she noticed a striking improvement in daily frame of mind and spiritual understanding. "I believe that yoga is a lifelong experience where I am continuously learning and evolving." As an instructor, she uses her knowledge of anatomy and her love of music from her dance background. Michelle has received her certification from Moksha Yoga under the instruction of it's founder Daren Freisen, she is sincerely appreciative for his guidance.

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