Yoga House Chicago

Lyndsay Kane

Lyndsay has been practicing Yoga since she was a little girl and has continued throughout her education and career as an actress. In 2007 she earned her Teacher certification from Moksha Yoga and bows in humble gratitude to all of her teachers including Daren Friesen, Tias Little, Kim Wilcox, Gabriel Halpern, Sean Corn, Jim Bennett and many others. Lyndsay believes Yoga is for Every Body, whether you are just beginning, hoping to improve your physique, repair an injury, connect to a deeper sense of self, adjusting to new life as a mother, or you are a regular practitioner or athlete. Her classes start with feeling the structure of the body, connecting to the breath and focusing the mind on a personal intention. She guides you through your asana practice weaving the discoveries you made in meditation into your movements and postures. She looks to give you a firm alignment foundation both with cuing and hands on adjustments drawing mostly from the Astanga, Iyengar, and Tantric traditions. Her creative sequencing is often inspired from what she sees in her students during class. Her joyful, supportive and down-to-earth demeanor helps her approach teaching as an open dialogue with you. She aims to help you discover new things about yourself and your capabilities, whatever your level of experience in Yoga. Her goal is to share her love of Yoga with you and inspire you to continue deepening your practice.

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