Yoga House Chicago

Annika Seitz

Annika’s teaching style is challenging while remaining compassionate, playful and encouraging. She draws on the principles of safe alignment and the spirit of creative discovery to guide her classes, which include focused attention on the breath, mindful movement, and meditation among other techniques that lead to an optimal energetic state. Behind each of her classes is the idea that Yoga is a way of moving dynamically through life with refined awareness and a willingness to collaborate with the universe to create our most vibrant, truthful lives. Annika completed her 200-hour certification for teaching at Moksha Yoga Center and continues to study in the Himalayan tradition under Rod Stryker and Parayoga. Locally, she has learned gratefully and immeasurably from Jim Bennitt and Kim Wilcox. Since her certification, she has had first hand experience of yoga’s ability to move one away from theory and into practice — both on the mat and in our lives. Whether we are looking to relieve the stresses of everyday life or connect with our own divinity, the creative, transformative and healing powers of regular practice will give each student a unique and bountiful experience of life that goes beyond the studio.

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