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Every Body Needs a Home. And a really cool piece of art. Welcome to YOGAHOUSE, a yoga studio / art gallery hybrid. Owner, Melanee Cooper has successfully transformed her gallery into a space for both. It is a combination that gels as naturally as coffee and cream. Oh yeah, there's a Starbucks on the corner too!
The coolness factor. Here is my left-brained analysis of YOGAHOUSE.
Yoga people = creative. Art people = creative. Creative = cool. Yoga + Art = Cool2
LeAnn G - Chicago, IL

My parents live in Chicago and I was looking for a studio so I could keep in shape when I'm home for the holidays. This is the friendliest yoga studio I've ever been to-- the people were all super nice and genuine. The instruction was solid-- lots of personal attention. The space is gorgeous-- hardwood floors and wide open windows; there's a nice little soothing fountain in the space. They have a little changing room (so you can bring your clothes and change if you need to), too. It's right off the Brown line and your first class is free.
Brooke H - Los Angeles, CA

Last year, I committed to eating better and working out with more regularity. A consequence of that was scaling back my food-related deal-a-day purchases in favor of more fitness based ones, which led me to get a LivingSocial deal for 5 classes at Yogahouse.
Yogahouse is located conveniently close to the Chicago brown line stop. Upon walking in, it's hard not to notice how amazing the space is. The studio fits in well with all of the galleries in the area (lots of raw, open space; exposed beams; and artwork), which is because the owner refocused her gallery and career toward the practice of yoga. The pieces that remain in the space are amazing, I wish my budget allowed me to take some home.
I was able to attend class with three instructors - Zoey, Amanda and Alex. As expected, each teacher had their own style, but I really enjoyed each one. Classes are small and inviting, challenging yet not intimidating. Each instructor was patient, knowledgeable and passionate about their practice. Eden, the office manager, is a doll. She greets every student with a warm welcome and seems to really enjoy what she is doing.
I'm commitment-phobic when it comes to gyms and yoga studios, but this is a place I would definitely return (deal or not) and refer friends to.
TIP: The studio has free mats and other props.
Mary T- Los Angeles, CA

YogaHouse is a perfect environment for yoga...the space is light, airy, spacious and tranquil. The instructors are wonderful. And, the schedule is terrific offering something for everyone...early morning, lunchtime and after work. I've been to a fair amount of places for yoga over the years and this one is at the very top of my list.
Jennifer S - Chicago, IL

I had an amazing experience at my first yoga class at Yoga House. In fact I enjoyed it so much I bought a 5 pack. The studio is beautiful and easy to get to. I came in for a lunch time yoga class (which is perfect because my office is right in then neighborhood). I have been taking yoga classes for over 15 years and the instructor was fantastic. She did a great job of paying attention to each student giving them personal tips which greatly helped my yoga poses. It had been some time since I had taken a class, so I am grateful that she assisted me with where I was at. All in all I had a great experience and I look forward to my next class. I recommend to anyone to go and take a class at yoga house.
Eric H - Chicago, IL

No doubt top of my list. Elegant art gallery space meets the mastery of yoga. Visually the studio is stunning, open and accessible and in a great location surrounded by art galleries. I have to say I was really impressed by the teachers- more so than many studios in the area because of their mastery of teaching, explanation and knowledge of the practice. This place gives me a full workout that also is calming and centering. I'd recommend anyone to try out this studio.
Alex K - Evanston, IL

Really good experience having yoga there~ The teachers there are amazing, and they are able to create peaceful atmosphere that help me relax while be focused the whole class.
Junyan X - Evanston, IL

I am going to echo what Eric H. says about YOGAHOUSE. I just took my first class here last evening and I have now found my "second home" yoga studio. Ironically, YOGAHOUSE's tagline is "Every Body Needs a Home" - I couldn't agree more. "YOGAHOUSE, Betsy A. has officialy moved in!" My class was with Emily and she was simply awesome. One of the highest compliments I can give a teacher when I practice is that he or she reminds me of my teacher from YTT at All People Yoga Center in Indianapolis. So, kudos to Miss Em, she most definitely earned that honor. Her class was an ideal sandwich of Restorative asana bread with slow, delicious Vinyasa Flow filling - all served up in a "cafe" of soft lighting, candlelight and some sweet art. I loved that the class was free (1st time), that YOGAHOUSE offers a really great drop-in and packcage discount for yoga teachers. All around, lovely staff, lovely space, lovely place to get on your mat!
Betsy A - Indianapolis, IN

I went to YogaHouse for my first session a few days ago and thought it was an unbelievable experience. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The instructor was beyond knowledgable and helpful. Because the setting was more intimate, the instructor is able to correct your poses. I have been to other yoga classes where the instructor never corrects you and as a result you can be doing the routine incorrectly and you never know. I will go back for sure!
Rachael R - Chicago, IL

I went to Yogahouse for the first time last night. Will surely go back every week. I was a minute late and it was fine that I didn't disrupt the beginning of the class. Settled in and found that Zoey was a great teacher and had that nice soothing yoga voice explaining all the poses! The visual space in the open room was so nice on the eyes. It used to be a gallery space so they still have great art on the walls. Not too much though. I parked right in front and then zipped back downtown for my later evening plans. Go ... now!
Aron P - Chicago, IL

I had been to the Yogahouse space back when it was Melanee Cooper Gallery, so I was really interested in seeing how the gallery had changed into a studio and try out a class as well. It looks like they did some remodeling and the studio is really nice and works well for classes. It's also good to see that there is still artwork on the walls. The studio is right along my commute (right off the Chicago brown line stop), so it will be easy to start going to classes regularly. I went to Christine's Monday night Hatha class and it was just what I needed after a long day at work. I definitely recommend Yogahouse.
Matt D - Chicago, IL

What a gem I found on a friday night in Chicago! And your 1st class is Free! (where do you find that these days?)
Emily guides a wonderful candle light class with a voice like a angel, and the women at the front desk was not only helpful on the phone as she was beautiful in person showing me around the studio.
Having been practicing for 30+ years and have traveled for a living for the past 25, I have been to a number of studios all over the world, and its not always as friendly as one would think. Not only is this a physically beautiful space (with wonderful props and changing room, and the art!) but the welcoming nature made me really feel the "om on the road."
Bobo B - Encinitas, CA

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