Yoga House Chicago

YOGAHOUSE Mission Statement

YOGAHOUSE is a boutique yoga studio in the heart of the Chicago's River North Gallery District. After 22 years in the art business, gallery owner Melanee Cooper, a yogi for 10 years, felt her passions shift. After pursuing her teacher certification, she transformed her beautiful gallery space into a yoga studio. YOGAHOUSE was born.

Featuring original artwork, eco-friendly furnishings, small class sizes and a warm, friendly atmosphere, YOGAHOUSE invites all levels of yoga practitioners. YOGAHOUSE offers a variety classes and workshops guided by a diverse group of experienced teachers, which allows our students to celebrate the unique styles of yoga available at the studio.

The mission of YOGAHOUSE is for our teachers to combine a blend of meditation, pranayama (breathwork), asana (postures), and yoga philosophy, so you can make the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Our mantra "every body needs a home" is to create classes to help you explore and discover the essence of your true nature. You can come home to your self - the dwelling that resides inside of you - and experience the countless benefits that yoga has to offer both physically and spiritually. We provide a mindful community to help bring awareness to the self; everything we do consciously or unconsciously has an effect that ripples through relationships, life, the planet and makes an imprint.

YOGAHOUSE is dedicated to helping bring positive changes into daily life through the practice of yoga so it can be shared with the world.

Welcome home.


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